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Glenn’s January Chill Video Picks

‘Thank U’ Text: Ariana Grande’s Collaborators Break Down The Artist’s Latest Album

Ariana Grande has gone through a lot in the past year and half. From dropping her charting-topping fourth album, sweetener,...

Copy of If Your Name Is Josh Cohen, You Probably Think ‘The Other Josh Cohen’ Is About You

A group of guys from around the country all named Josh Cohen recently got together to watch a matinee of...

Adults Come Under Scrutiny After HS Wrestler Told To Cut His Dreadlocks Or Forfeit

A week after a white referee told a black high school wrestler that he needed to cut off his dreadlocks...

Trump Administration Warns Palestinian Aid Recipients That Funds May Soon Be Cut

The Trump administration has slashed more than half a billion dollars in aid to the Palestinians this year. Now, the...

A Portrait Of A Subtly Changing Nashville From 25 Angles

From a distance, it was difficult to spot any motion in the country world in 2018. The definition of country-pop...

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